How To Pick The Best Wood Polish For Furniture Improvements 2021

Wood Polish

Wood polish is the process of enhancing the surface appearance, shine, strength, and resistance to water, bacteria, and environmental factors.

The function of wood polish is to keep it clean and protects wood surfaces. Nowadays, every house has wood furniture, a wooden floor, a wooden door, and varieties of wood household items. But maintenance is a big challenge to stains, scratches, holes, insects, and termites. Don’t worry. This article will help you to find Types of wood finishes. And how to pick the best suitable polish for wooden household items. Just go through this article you will know all about wood polishes.

 Factors to consider before picking polish for your furniture

Before polishing your furniture, wood household things, you should check which type of polish is required and which type of damage occurred.

Once determine the causes after you take the necessary action on it. In, general, the Common checklist is given below.

Types of wood finishes

Wood finishes or wood polishes are the final processes of wood protection. It has many methods of finishes using depending upon the material, cost, and usage. Wax, oil, shellac, lacquer, varnish, and paint these components are widely used as polish or wood finishes.

These finishes are very effective and long-term protect the woods. Let’s see each type of finish in detail.

WAX finish

Waxes are available from many sources like animals, plants, and bees. These waxes are used for wood polishing, shoe polishing, and candle, polish can easily apply with cloth brushes. After wax coatings need to buff by tools can get a good appearance. This material protects wood few months compared to other finishes. Should reapply after a few months to keep a better appearance and protection.

Recommended Wax wood polish-Howard-Feed-N-Wax

Wax wood polish

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  • FEED-N-Wax is suitable for all wood surfaces with softness and protection.
  • Improve the appearance and depth of polish for finished and unfinished surfaces
  • It is better for tables, cabinets, doors, and wood crafts.
  • The longer it keeps from drying and color changes.

Oil finish

In general, unfinished woods are using linseed oil as a polisher. It’s available from plants like flax etc. these oils give the appearance of furniture and household things. It also can easily apply with cloths or brushes and takes some time to take curing. Compare to other materials, its protection and durability are less.

Best oil furniture polish-Milsek Wood Polish

furniture polish oil

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  • Suitable for wood products like kitchen cabinets, wood dining tables, doors, etc.
  • Recommend for daily uses with safety and no harm.
  • Its multipurpose lemon oil can use for car dashboards also.
  • Better cleaning, polishing, and protection of your furniture.

Shellac finish

Shellack is one type of resin it collects from Bucs on trees. It high dense and applies by spraying machines, and brushes for wood polishing. It gives a dark appearance with high water resistance. Shellac ensures long durability with better protection compared to other finishes. The main feature of this material totally can remove by alcohol.

Best shellac wood polish-Howard Rester-A-Shine

shellac wood polish

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  • It is used to remove fine cracks, dullness, and minor scratches, and for wood protection.
  • Rester Improves better polish like polyurethane, varnish, and including woodwind instrumental.

Lacquer finish 

Lacquer comes from rich shellac. It dilutes with alcohol and applies to wood furniture surfaces. These finish playing a role as a protector of woods from insects and climatic effects. It gives a high-quality matte Smooth finish with waterproofing. Asians, France, and middle east people Mostly use this type of material for furniture polishing. It can easily remove by the solvents and reapplying other materials. Better durability, and hardness, and it has many varieties depending upon the uses and source.

Best lacquer polish-Aqua Coat Clear lacquer

lacquer wood polish

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  • Aqua is applicable for interiors’ wood facets with the top acrylic coat.
  • Can dilute with water and gives a finish in a few minutes.
  • Long duration with stain resistance.

Varnish finish

In, general varnishes are available in many kinds and give the thin protective topcoat transparency for the woods. It Can easily apply with brushes, and sprayers without any air bubbles. Not only protect from insects, stains and also available for UV resistance. Varnish Required a curing period of two days for high durability. Most of them use oil-based and polyurethane varnish for general uses like furniture, and doors.

Best varnish-Epifanes Blanke Bootlak

wood polish varnish

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  • It will give a gloss finish with UV resistance and high protection.
  • Suitable for external and internal woods by using brushes, and sprayers.
  • Best quality with traditional, long durable.

Paint finish

Paint gives a glossy look and protects the top surfaces of the wood, furniture, and doors. Commonly it has many different types. Some kinds like wood stain low viscous paint give the perfect glossy finish without priming coats. Easily can apply with brushes, and rollers before applying need to prepare the surfaces of the wood.

Best wood paint -Rust-Oleum chalked

wood paint

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  • Better to use internal, and external wood surfaces, ceramic, and metal.
  • Easily washable after the finish.
  • Just 30 minutes to reach a better finish with protection.

Stains for furniture

Stains come from household things. Like white spots, food stains, makeup items, and paints included. These stains cause child’s activities, men’s and women’s carelessness, and many other factors. The main reason for the white spot and black spots any wet items directly in contact with the furniture will appear as spots due to chemical reactions with finishes. Some of the use outdoors in direct sunlight causes these types of damages.

Wood polish for stains-Trinova wood cleaner and conditioner

wood polish for stains

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  • Safe and easy to use without harmful pigments.
  • Improves the natural finish of your internal and external furniture surfaces.
  • Just spray and clean with cloths.

Wood Knot

These Knots are naturally present in the woods. Especially if branches are cut are any other health issues of trees it appears. These knots sometimes can directly affect the wood’s strength and durability. Mostly people like appliances with knots design.

Best Knot cover-Coconix floor and furniture repair kits


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  • Ideal for painted surfaces and any other wood surfaces.
  • Easy use with a better finish without any harmful pigments.

Furniture’s Cracks

 wood crack causes drying of the wood when loses its moisture it will shrink or these damages occur. But the furniture causes cracks for many reasons. The heavy furniture stored on an even floor is enough the develop cracks. Outdoor furniture using direct sunlight is also affected by cracks.

Best wood crack solution- Elmer’s wood filler.

wood filler

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  • Easy to use with a good finish
  • washable and shrink and crack resistance.

Scratch repairing’s

Anyone objects on the surface that occurs marked by some activity its called a scratch. Scratch is one of the main problems facing all of them, not only household things even everything. Many of reasons we can list. Generally, children, pets, and lack of care are the causes.

Best furniture scratch repair-Rejuvenate

wood scratch solutions

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  • Rejuvenate its disappears scratches for any color of wood, furniture, or floors.
  • Easy to use Comes with six numbers markers.
  • Suitable for hard and softwoods with perfect finishes.

Hole fillers

The furniture and household things have attacks with insets, termites, misplaced screwing, and nails it’s the main factor of holes. Not only these factors like Knots, climatic factors, etc.

Best wood hole filler-Minwax Stainable wood filler

wood polish for holes reparings

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  • The best solution for wood surfaces is holes, cracks, knots, and any other type of damage.
  • Easy use with Fast dryable.
  • Applicable with oil and water-based.

Dust removers for furniture

Dust is one of the common issues. The dust is present in the air every day and deposited with furniture and household things. Even proper cleaning is the remedy for dust. At least a few days once frequently need cleaning.

Best wood Duster-Guardsman Dusting cloths

wood duster

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  • Applicable for all surfaces like furniture, appliances, glass, metals, floors, etc.
  • It is Quick and better cleaned with reusable.

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