Best 20 Philosophical Quotes About Life Forever

Philosophical quotes about life. They help to understand the importance of life, and the real meaning of life, and also teach how to live a valuable life. These philosophical quotes are available in books, social media, and greetings also.

These quotes are a powerful way to improve ideas and feelings. these quotes convey the message to people in sentence form. it can be easily shared with others. Most people use these quotes source of motivation and inspiration.

Quotes may feel better (or) worse depending upon the situation because it’s usually taken out of context and does not represent the entire story.

One thing remembers these quotes do not fully reflect the facts. (or) feelings to improve people’s life. But I can sure be thinking for at least a few minutes about life and these lines.

Philosophers have wisdom and knowledge. They had always say about life and made some rules to improve the quality of life with their own experience as well as what they learned from the world.

Here are some philosophical quotes about life  and what they had to say about life:

  1. One is a man perfect man then are three- himself his wife and his son -Manu
    philosophical quotes about life
    philosophical quotes about life
  2. A mother exceeded a thousand fathers in the right to reverence -manuphilosophical quotes about life
  3. The best inheritance that the father can provide for his son is an education that will fit him to take an honoured place among cultured men – thirukuralClever philosophy Quotes
  4. He who has faith has all and he who locks faith lacks all. It is faith in the name of the lord that works wonders, for faith is life and doubt is death
    -sri ramakrishna paramahamsarare philosophy Quotes
  5. Even injunctions of density are cancelled if one takes refuge in god destiny strikes which her own hands what she had written about such a person – Sri Sharada Devideep philosophy Quotes
  6. The wise say that unlimited enthusiasm, efficiency, and refusal to accept defeat are the virtues that lead to sure success in any venture.- RamayanaClever Quotes about life
  7. The smell of flowers goes only with the wind, but the fame of good men goes even against the wind. – Sri buddhaPhilosophy of mind quotes
  8. Argument is like a desert and a wilderness if one loses his way and comes to grief. -Sri buddhaShort philosophical quotes
  9. It is behaviour alone that creates friends and foes. ChanakyaPhilosophy of mind quotes
  10. If one wrong you, put up with it. But it is better still to forget it if you can- thirukkuralCool mind quotes in english
  11. The mediocre wait for an opportunity. The enthusiast makes an opportunity .he is ever alert . he is up and doing. Swami chidbhavanantra.
    philosophical quotes about life
    philosophical quotes about life
  12. He whose money is kept for counting and not for trade or charity, though breathing like the blacksmiths, bellows, does not live – PanchatantraShort philosophical quotes
  13. Even if he confirmed foe if on seek shelter to me I shall extend my protection, come what may- Lord Rama
    Philosophy about life
    philosophical quotes about life
  14. That he is the true man who loved god, and loveth man and, serving all, abideth in eternal love   – guru Nanakphilosophy in life quotes
  15. The trust we place in good people is greater than the trust we place in ourselves. that is why we seek out good people. Mahabharatha
    Simple philosophy in life
    philosophical quotes about life
  16. The untrue never is the truth is not. The knowers of truth know this.- BhagavadgitaPhilosophy in life examples
  17. Never speak the truth if the truth spoken is a cover for a lie. Speak a lie if the lie spoken is a cover for the truth.-MAHABHARATAPhilosophy in life meaning
  18. Enmity is not appeased through enmity but faith and understanding. The is the eternal law. -SRI BUDDHAPhilosophy in life example Quotes
  19. There is nothing so worthy as wealth, which has the quality of giving worth even to worthless men. – THIRUKKURALSimple philosophy in life
  20. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he is wise in his conceit.- OLD TESTAMENT
    Simple philosophy
    philosophical quotes about life

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