Types Of Wall Cracks, How To Fix Cracks In Walls And Preventions.


Building and wall cracks are common issues. It develops due to the stress exceeds from the building components’ strength. Generally, the main factors for increasing the building components’ stress like wind pressure, live load, dead load, Or foundation settlement. Not only these but also have some internal factors such as thermal changes, chemical action, etc. these cracks are classified as structural cracks and non-structural cracks

 A.Structural Cracks

 Cracks develop in structural members due to incorrect design, overloading, and construction fault. It is very dangerous for the safety of the building.

 B.Non-structural cracks

These wall cracks develop due to internal factors like moisture, weathering action, materials quality, shrinkage, and chemical action. These cracks are not dangerous for the safety of the building but looking ugly and faulty feels not good. Wall cracks included. Let’s see details about wall crack types and solutions. Just go through this article you will know about the wall cracks.

Methods Of wall Crack Repairing.

Generally, Wall cracks are measured by mm if the crack width is below 1.5 mm, it’s minor cracks,

 And crack width of up to 25 mm is not dangerous. But need to rectify out about 25mm.

Method -1

Crack Width Less Than 1.5 mm

If the crack width is less than 1.5 mm, we can fill it with putty, or many crack filler materials available on the market generally fill up any one of them. Once fill these materials should be painted.

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Method -2

Crack Width 1.5 mm To 25mm

Wider than 1.5 mm cracks filled by the patented crack filler compounds or prefer other types of elastic filling compounds. It is available in the market. These semi-solid paste compounds mix better for large cracks. And also can use cement, lime, and sand with the rich mortar mix.

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Wall Cracks Types And Solutions.

Cracks develop on the wall due to foundation settlement, shrinkage, temperature, etc. Let’s see in detail about cracka types that occur in-wall and their solutions.

Wall Step Cracks

Step cracks on the wall that develops at the mortar joint look like a step. That continuously forms one layer to another layer in any direction. The main reason for these wall cracks is due to uneven soil settlement occurs the center of the wall.

How it avoids: 

 soil-filled layer by layer with proper compaction, following the specifications.

Solution :

in generally occurs minor cracks that Fill the crack filler or mortar in the gap with rework of the wall. If develops more than 15 mm this causes better to reconstruct the wall and give proper compaction of the soil.

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Horizontal Wall cracks

Wall horizontal cracks develop due to severe foundation settlement by the faulty drainage system. It will show the entire wall’s horizontal direction through the mortar.

How it Avoids: 

while backfilling following the specifications, proper soil layer thickness with good compaction.

 Provide adequate mortar thickness at the bricks or blocks joints.


in generally occurs minor cracks that Fill the crack filler or mortar in the gap with rework of the wall. If develops more than 15 mm this causes better to reconstruct the wall and give proper compaction of the soil.

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Sill Level Cracks

Cracks occur at the sill level. Sill levels mean the bottom levels of the windows called sill levels. Exactly it is shown in the window bottom corners due to window opening tension at the corners. Sometimes if using wooden windows, they will swell and develop cracks in rainy seasons.

How it Avoids:

 while constructing the window openings, each side provides steel rods, And the Steel mesh applied with concrete will not develop cracks in the future.


If showing cracks at the corner of the window, we can fill them with crack filler and stitch the steel rods Alternatively. It will be the best solution and protects from cracks.

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Joint Wall Cracks

Joint cracks occur in the wall and RC beam junctions or wall and RC column joints. It develops due to bonding failure between RC members and Brick or block. These types of cracks endanger the safety of the building and must need to take care of them.

How it Avoids:

 In general, these cracks occur walls with vertical and horizontal members like beams, columns, etc.

 At the beam bottom or column side, to make chipping marks, rush provides before placing mortar and bricks. If you have a big budget, you can use wall tiles, and steel mesh. It will give a better permanent solution to these cracks. Every junction should provide proper bonding with walls to avoid these types of problems.


The cracked areas are to chip and provide the crack filler with steel mesh, then plaster with rich mortar. If not have a crack filler, you can use 6mm steel rods to fix 25 cm intervals with rich mortar.

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Parapet Horizontal Cracks

The cracks have shown horizontally at the concrete slap and parapet junction. It develops Due to thermal changes, Thermal expansion, and movement of the concrete members.

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